Selenite - 20 ML - Flexibility and Gratitude

Selenite - 20 ML - Flexibility and Gratitude

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'Essential Vibrations' remedy Selenite' is the 'Fountain of Youth'. It supports the flexible and open thinking that keeps us young. It creates a sense of absolute gratitude out of a deeper understanding of things, it refreshes and inspires. 'Selenite' dissolves in water, and it can dissolves old belief systems and open new ones.


Life Examples:

each day feels the same - if you have too much routine in your life - if you would like to be spontaneous - you would like to break structures - when annoying things in your life are happening over and over again



Subtle Bodies:



If taken undiluted under the tongue (4 times daily - 4 drops) 

Psychological Benefits:

clarified femininity - enhances femininity - enhances passion - patience - security - stimulates the mind 

Psychospiritual Benefits:

balances femininity with spirituality - creates practical spirituality - brings spiritual understanding 

Negative Aspects Active:

body image problems - continually worrying and stressing about others - despair - discrimination - disconnected from feminine energy - easily swayed - fear of sleeping - feeling frozen - frustrated - guilt - helplessness - reclusive


Energetic Colour Imprint and Amplification Benefits:

activates intuition - aids in physical illness - aids in re-programming cells - brings mental clarity - clears clutter and obstacles away - encourages a new beginning - purifies thoughts and actions


If taken in 30 ml of water (4 times daily - 4 drops) 

Negative Aspects Active:

excessive tension - lack of confidence - limited support - sadness - too much thinking or work - worries


Spinal Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to L3 to L5, to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae


Chakra Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to the root chakra to enhance the flow of CHI


Bath Infusion (3 drops)

Add above dosage to the bathwater to balance the root chakra