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Life Changing Molecules

What we believe

'Essential Vibrations' remedies are a vibrational infusion or molecular imprint of the most potent vibrational properties of minerals, crystals and gems.

We prepare our remedies through customised consideration of magnetic fields, frequencies of light, colour, sound, and planetary rhythms.

'Essential Vibrations' remedies are not a matter in matter products (Mineral in water)

They have the molecular imprint from the mineral.


The system of health and well-being

All beings, human and animal, are made up of a combination of molecules. The density of these molecules makes us appear as physical beings. Science has proven that molecules are in constant movement (vibrating). The component of each molecule is our CHI (Energy). If our CHI flows freely into the molecules it keeps them at the right vibrational frequency. But if the CHI is unable to flow, the vibration of the molecules will slow down.

The biggest influence on this 'slowing down' is through our emotions. Positive emotions are healthy for our CHI but as soon as we move into negative emotions our CHI becomes 'sluggish' and is unable to bring the necessary 'nourishment' to the molecules. This results in the molecules vibrating at a lower frequency. When the molecules vibrate at a lower frequency physical symptoms begin to appear.

The longer a negative pattern is active, and the stronger the pattern is, the more CHI gets blocked causing our molecules to vibrate at a very slow and unhealthy level. A 'one off' negative emotion won't create this. However an ongoing negative pattern can create physical symptoms in different forms (the symptoms depend on the emotion). Because our cells are a multiplication of molecules this process 'poisons' the cells which results in physical symptoms.

Very often we are not aware of this negative pattern because over time it moves from our conscious mind into our subconscious. Remember when you learned to drive a car? At first you did everything with your conscious mind, but after a while you started to drive without consciously thinking about. The act of driving a car moved from your conscious mind into your subconscious. The principle applies here!

'Essential Vibrations' remedies have been created to adjust the low vibrating frequency and will bring you back to the healthy frequency by 'fine tuning' the molecular vibration.

'Essential Vibrations' work with the law of duality. If negative emotions create lower vibration and physical symptoms, by increasing the vibration with 'Essential Vibrations' you will create positive emotions and a sense of well-being. Our universe works with the law of gravity. Gravity is simply a magnet. All beings, human and animal, are no exception to that law and act as a magnet. If a negative pattern is active in us we attract negativity. If a positive pattern is active we attract positivity.

Put simply, SOE Bioremedies remedies fine tune your molecules to the right vibration and create positivity, which means you will be a magnet for positive circumstances and your life has to change for the better.


How do 'Essential Vibrations' work

All matter is in a constant state of vibration and all molecules are in a constant system of harmonics and resonance with each other. This resonance generates electromagnetic and electrical fields.

Minerals are stable, have a fixed state of vibration (molecules) and are able to resist any assault on their vibrational frequency.

These remedies help by transforming their stable vibration into the body, permeating down to the molecular level. They seek out areas in your body that resonate with their own vibration, bringing into balance Body, Mind and Spirit (molecular adjustment).


 How to choose your 'Essential Vibrations' remedy

  1. Set a goal
  2. Have an intention of what you would like to attract or change in your life clear in your mind
  3. When looking at the list of remedies take note of the two main words; e.g. Moonstone - Change and Decision
  4. Choose the minerals with the two main words that resonate with you the most
  5. Read the general description and life examples if it fits with your goal and intentions
  6. Look at the 'Negative Aspects Active' to see if any are active in you
  7. If the remedy ticks all the boxes then you've found the right one for you!

    You may find that more than one essence resonates with you. You can use any of the 'Essential Vibrations' remedies at the same time, but we recommend to use one as your 'Main Focus'.

    You should notice a difference within 3 days. If not, we suggest a spinal application to eliminate the CHI blockages in the vertebrae (instructions under the description).


    The Power of Intention

    When taking 'Essential Vibrations' you should always set an intention. The intention should always focus on the positive and not on the absence of it. Our remedies are created to attract only positivity into your life.

    Focus on what YOU WANT and not what YOU DON'T WANT.

    Use only positive language and thoughts.

    Example: Heliotrope - Clarity and Courage

    Intention 1 (right intent): HOW can I solve the situation and the positive solution should become clear.

    Intention 2 (wrong intent): WHY am I in this situation? It will show the negative pattern and bring it to your conscious level.

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