Women's Balance - 20 ML

Women's Balance - 20 ML

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Women today juggle many responsibilities and challenges in their daily lives. With such a busy lifestyle it is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed due to the multitasking required to 'get everything done'. This can cause an emotional imbalance which leads to a change in mood, stress, despair, frustration and eventually exhaustion. 'Women's Balance' remedy helps assist and balance your emotions by providing strength , stability and flexibility.

Life Examples:

emotional imbalances during menopause and menstruation


If taken undiluted under the tongue

(3 times daily - 1 drop onto each wrist and temple, before taking 7 drops internally)

Psychological Benefits:

acceptance of life - balances personality - calms the mind - cleansing the subconscious - emotional balance - gives a sense of security - inner perception - mental balance - mental clarity - receptivity - rejuvenates emotions - removes self-imposed limitations

Psychospiritual Benefits:

assists in acting out of love - balances body, mind and spirit - brings the vision of endurance, harmlessness and morality - creates creativity - spiritualises relationships - transmits the ideal blueprint - yin/yang balance

Negative Aspects Active:

anger - carelessness - desire to control - difficulty in letting go - easily swayed - feeling blocked - feeling unfulfilled - frustration - moody - unenthusiastic - uninspired - unhappiness


Energetic Colour Imprint and Amplification Benefits:

achievement - assists in centering - awakens sexual energy - balances energy and helps re-program cells - brings happiness and inner strength -calms emotions -contentment - courage - enthusiasm - enhances creativity -  letting go of negative patterns - optimism - relaxes - vitality


Spinal Application (2 times daily - 2 drops)

Apply directly to C1 to C4, to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae