Chakra Roll Ons

As humans we have our own single consciousness (as an individual) and we also join groups (like meditation) or clubs (soccer) which we can call ‘collective consciousness’. 
Collective Consciousness is nothing more than sharing a similar or the same interest.
The cells of our body are  the same, every cell has its own consciousness and cells also ‘join’ each other to serve similar or the same interest (like our liver cleanses the blood or our stomach digests food).
Everything that applies to the physical world is also reflected in the energetic world, we have single consciousness AND collective consciousness.
The chakras are the collective energetic consciousness and represent partly our physical senses. They are connected to our organs and are the ‘translator’ of our physical and spiritual existence.
Our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions are the indicator of our thoughts.
Different influences can slow the speed of our chakras down, or can increase the speed or even make them spin the wrong way, which can create unwanted life circumstances or imbalances in our physical well-being
SOE's 'Chakra Roll Ons' have been created with frequencies which will bring your chakras up to the 'right speed' again.
For more information, and how to find out which chakra may be imbalanced, check the detailed info of each chakra on our website.
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