Apophyllite - 20 ML - Knowledge and Intuition

Apophyllite - 20 ML - Knowledge and Intuition

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'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Apophyllite' helps combine knowledge (mental) and experience (physical) with intuition (spiritual) to create one force. We can often make our decisions in one of two ways...base purely on facts with our 'head', or on impulse through our emotions with our 'heart'. 'Apophyllite' merges the mental, physical and spiritual by uniting your knowledge and experience with your intuition. It also helps you intuitively 'translate' messages to bring them into your physical understanding, which can improve your life significantly by helping you make the 'right' decisions.

Life Examples:

uncertainty - not being able to make a decision 


crown - solar plexus - third eye

Subtle Bodies:

emotional - mental - spiritual


If taken undiluted under the tongue (3 times daily - 6 drops)

Psychological Benefits:

better sleep - creates a sense of security - decision making - emotional balance - ideals - loving nature - self-confidence - self-esteem - willpower

Psychospiritual Benefits:

balances body, mind and spirit - cosmic awareness - devotion - perceive high levels - planetary purpose - spiritual understanding - spiritualises emotions

Negative Aspects Active:

anguished - confused or cloudy thinking - difficulty being independent - difficulty in expressing and standing up for yourself - difficulty making decisions - inability to say no - sad - suppressed - tired - weepy


Energetic Colour Imprint and Amplification Benefits:

acceptance - brings balance - calms emotions - creates a sense of tranquillity, serenity and peace - creates patience, forgiveness and independence -  supports change and growth - protects from fears


If taken in 30 ml of water (3 times daily - 6 drops) 

Negative Aspects Active:

blame - fear - internal and external conflict - strain - stress


Spinal Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to T3 to T8, to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae


Chakra Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to the solar plexus to enhance the flow of CHI


Bath Infusion (5 drops)

Add above dosage to the bathwater to align the crown, solar plexus and third eye chakra