Fluorite Blue - 20 ML - Giving and Receiving

Fluorite Blue - 20 ML - Giving and Receiving

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'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Fluorite Blue' is beautiful to take if there in an imbalance in giving and receiving. Through the deeper understanding that one cannot exist without the other, this essence will help you to give and receive in a healthy way. If we are able to do both then we are whole and can enjoy all the pleasure of living.


Life Examples:

always there for others but we are too shy to take help from others - if we only give but are unable to receive - just 'giving' in relationships - if we cannot say no



Subtle Bodies:



If taken undiluted under the tongue (3 times daily - 3 drops) 

Psychological Benefits:

brings suppressed feelings to the surface - enhances creativity - increases concentration - increases self-confidence - revitalises emotions 

Psychospiritual Benefits:

can invoke spiritual awakening - perceiving higher levels of reality

 Negative Aspects Active:

anguished - anxiety - confused or cloudy thinking - constant need for encouragement - difficulty in expressing and standing up for yourself - difficulty feeling independent - inability to say no - sadness - sexual conflicts - weepy - yearning


Energetic Colour Imprint and Amplification Benefits:

activates intuition - brings spiritual awareness - broadens perspective in learning new information - calms and relaxes - opens flow of communication - regenerates nervous tension - solitude and peace


If taken in 30 ml of water (3 times daily - 3 drops) 

Negative Aspects Active:

bitterness - blame - carry feelings of betrayal - inflexibility - judging yourself and others harshly - limitation - resentment


Spinal Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to C5 to T1, to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae


Chakra Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to the throat chakra to enhance the flow of CHI


Bath Infusion (7 drops)

Add above dosage to the bathwater to balance the throat chakra