Fluorite Pink - 20 ML - Commitment and Faith

Fluorite Pink - 20 ML - Commitment and Faith

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'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Fluorite Pink' is perfect if you are struggling with commitment. Very often we lack faith or trust, and fear what lies ahead. Some people fall in love but fear that the relationship will not hold. They are afraid to commit. Through balancing the crown chakra, 'Fluorite Pink' makes you realise that every decision you make is always for your own good as well as for the good of others. It will clear fear and disbelief. It will make you aware that there are no mistakes in life, just experiences that bring growth.


Life Examples:

if you are scared to commit - trust issues - if you often change your job or opinion - relationship issues 



Subtle Bodies:

etheric - spiritual


If taken undiluted under the tongue (4 times daily - 5 drops)

Psychological Benefits:

acceptance of life - better sleep - better understanding - cleansing the subconscious - flexibility - promotes self-confidence - receptivity - removes self-imposed limitations 

Psychospiritual Benefits:

balances body, mind and spirit - enhances spiritual development - kundalini - promotes creativity - spiritual courage - visions 

Negative Aspects Active:

angry - anxious - carelessness - criticism - eccentric behaviours - feeling blocked - feeling wounded - feeling worthless - heavy hearted - nervous tension - thinking that life is too hard - unenthusiastic - uninspired 


Energetic Colour Imprint and Amplification Benefits:

acceptance - brings happiness and inner strength -  calms feelings - calms stress and releases tension - clears focus - contentment -  letting go of negative patterns - mental stimulation - relaxes


If taken in 30 ml of water (4 times daily - 5 drops) 

Negative Aspects Active:

experiencing internal and external conflict - fear 


Spinal Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to T1 to T7, to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae


Chakra Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to the heart chakra to enhance the flow of CHI


Bath Infusion (3 drops)

Add above dosage to the bathwater to balance the heart chakra