Ruby - 20 ML - New Beginnings and Endings

Ruby - 20 ML - New Beginnings and Endings

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'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Ruby' is brilliant to use if you are beginning something new or would like to end something. It bring a higher state of awareness and a feeling of warmth and comfort. it also promotes an understanding of the existing laws of the universe, the rhythm of things and a deeper knowledge.


Life Examples:

divorce - getting married - in the process of quitting a job - starting a new business or job - starting a new relationship



Subtle Bodies:

mental - spiritual


If taken undiluted under the tongue (3 times daily - 5 drops) 

Psychological Benefits:

better relationships - decision making - emotional balance - flexibility - happiness - ideals - intuition - joy - leadership qualities - negotiation skills - mental balance - self-confidence

Psychospiritual Benefits:

divine love - kundalini - raised consciousness - spiritual balance - spiritual inspiration

Negative Aspects Active:

criticism - despair - disappointment - disorientation - father image problems - fear - holding on to anger - loss of confidence - nightmares - self-loathing


Energetic Colour Imprint and Amplification Benefits:

brings hopes and success - clears mental complexes - confidence to go after your dreams - enhances leadership qualities - increased enthusiasm and interest - more energy - protection from fears and anxieties


If taken in 30 ml of water (3 times daily - 5 drops) 

Negative Aspects Active:

experiencing inner conflict - feeling insecure - feeling pressured - feeling threatened or manipulated - pushing away instead of allowing


Spinal Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to T3 to T5, to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae


Chakra Application (2 times daily - 3 drops)

Apply directly to the heart chakra to enhance the flow of CHI


Bath Infusion (5 drops)

Add above dosage to the bathwater to balance the heart chakra