Travel Ease - 20 ML

Travel Ease - 20 ML

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Motion sickness can be very draining and makes it challenging and stressful to travel. On our own 'journey' in life we all deserve to experience comfortable and stress free travel. Motion sickness often has a deep connection to our emotions and is closely linked to feeling the need to be 'in control' (a fear of losing or being 'out of control'). 'Travel Ease' remedy provides the stability, growth, strength, faith and self-confidence to help make travel easy and enjoyable.

Life Examples:

travel ease helps to support the emotional imbalances caused by travelling


If taken undiluted under the tongue

(7 drops - 20 minutes and 7 drops 10 minutes before travel and during travel when needed) 

Psychological Benefits:

courage - emotional balance - endurance - enthusiasm - mental clarity - security - self-confidence - willpower

Psychospiritual Benefits:

attunement to earth's energy - faith - hope - spiritual balance

Negative Aspects Active:

continually worrying and stressing - control issues - easily swayed - feeling frozen - frustrated - hidden fear - negative thoughts - nervous tension - reclusive - stress - unnatural fear


Energetic Colour Imprint and Amplification Benefits:

acceptance - brings balance - calms emotions - creates a sense of tranquillity, serenity and peace - creates patience -clears clutter and obstacles away - enhances deepest inner knowing - inspires truth, clarity and faith - inner strength - mental stimulation - protects from fears and anxieties - calms emotions - relaxes - purifies thoughts and action


Spinal Application (before travel - 2 drops)

Apply directly to C1 to C4, to eliminate CHI blockages in the vertebrae